Welcome to DroneDeploy Insider

Welcome to DroneDeploy Insider

Matt Daly 3 min

Welcome to DroneDeploy Insider

Is it ironic that a software company focused on bringing all your reality capture data into one place is now launching a platform that brings all of our most popular content and conversations into one place? Yes, but roll with us here.

One of our core values at DroneDeploy is to #simplify, so wherever possible if we can remove friction, logins and never-ending browser tabs, we are going to do that.

With that, we are thrilled to announce the launch of DroneDeploy Insider – your premium content hub for reality capture education and entertainment.

You’ve been telling us you love the content we’ve been publishing over the past few years – from podcasts and video series to in-depth webinars and long-form playbooks – but we’re conscious that it’s increasingly difficult to keep track of where it all is. So while we’ll still be publishing to LinkedIn, YouTube, our Goldcast webinar platform and other channels, going forward you can now listen, watch and read it all right here on DroneDeploy Insider. 

Let’s be honest, we work in a cool – possibly the coolest? – industry. Drones, robots and AI that aren’t just recreational toys to play with but tools that helps mission-critical industries build, inspect and operate faster and better – and without the headache or hazards of manual work.

Sound cool to you? 

We think so. 

Which is why we’re invested in continuing to create content that educates, entertains and inspires you all – but also provide you the kind of beautiful, intuitive content curation and exploration experience you’ve become accustomed to with Netflix and other consumer platforms.

Your premium content hub for reality capture education and entertainment

Whether you’re a technology manager or director, a project superintendent or field engineer, or an executive sponsor of technology, DroneDeploy Insider has the content and conversations to help you understand what’s possible with reality capture.

Here’s what we’re excited to share with you at launch:

Reality Capture LIVE →

Want to level up your technical chops? We sit down with experts and innovators from construction, energy and agriculture to showcase how they’re pushing the boundaries of reality capture. From tech stack Q&As to in-depth conversations around robotics, automation and AI, this is your source for the tips, tricks and tactics you need to get the most out of your reality capture program.

You’ll love this series if:

You want to understand the hands-on technical tactics and workflows reality capture program leaders are implementing at construction and energy companies.


Built Different →

A podcast about the technology, teams and trendsetters who are changing the way we build. Hosts Grant Hagen, Brian Vizarreta and Adam Della Monica – some of the leading voices in the worlds of reality capture and construction tech – are building a community that is obsessed with questioning the status quo, creating cultures of innovation and equipping everyone with tools to build different.

You’ll love this series if: 

You’re a builder – whether in the field or office, from Superintendent to VDC/tech or executive – and you’re seeking inspiration from teams just like yours who are launching reality capture programs and other tech tools at scale.


Reality Capture RECAP →

The reality capture industry moves fast and the Reality Capture RECAP is where we’ll help you keep pace. Every week, host Grant Hagen will cover the best thing he saw, who’s crushing it in the industry, what new tech is on the horizon, as well as some hot takes. 

You’ll love this series if:

You’re too busy to keep up with everything that’s happening in reality capture and want a quick 5-10 minute download every week on the biggest stories and top trends. 


Reality capture playbook and guides -->

Looking for an in-depth tutorial on how to do more with reality capture? Get insider know-how and pro-level tips on how to get maximum value from reality capture in your business. From how-to’s on high-accuracy drone mapping to industry-specific reality capture workflows, these guides will help you go from beginner to expert.

And much more →

We’ll also be including keynote and session recordings from our annual user conferences, as well as launching new video series in the near future based on your feedback. 

So dive in, binge-watch, listen and read all this great content – and then let us know what you think and what else you’d like to see at [email protected].

Thank you for watching, reading and subscribing.

Matt Daly, CMO, DroneDeploy

Matt Daly
CMO, DroneDeploy

Matt Daly 3 min

Welcome to DroneDeploy Insider

DroneDeploy Insider is your premium content hub for reality capture education and entertainment.

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